Vehicular Offences

These offences may include everything from speeding, to reckless and negligent driving, to inconsiderate driving, to drunk driving, to culpable homicide.

The interesting fact in respect of certain offences, such as speeding, is that South Africa is governed by two sets of legal systems in terms of enforcement.

The first legal system is the Criminal Procedure Act, and the second is AARTO.

People who reside and or commit offences in Pretoria and Johannesburg fall under AARTO, where people who reside and commit offences anywhere else falls under the Criminal Procedure Act.

Things become interesting if someone who lives under the AARTO system commits an offence in an area governed by the Criminal Procedure Act, and vice versa.

It is suggested to see an attorney as a first step if this occurs, or in any vehicular related offence.

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