The aspects on the website can far be considered as comprehensive of the complexities that a Family law matter may involve.  There are generally four different courts, in addition to arbitration and mediation, that can be approached, namely the Domestic Violence Court, the Children's Court, the Regional Court and the High Court.  The courts all vary in procedure, formality and costs.

Family Law matters can also lead to criminal cases, whether it was an act committed in a moment of weakness, during an emotionally charged environment, or whether it was merely a mistake or simply a response.

As our firm handles criminal matters as well, whatever may befall you during a familial dispute, you can rest assured that the same firm will handle the entirety of the matter, and in so doing, the one hand will know what the other is doing, and does not require to make any phone calls or write letters to find out what the other is doing.  This can be invaluable, as any dispute arising out of a family law matter, directly impacts and is impacted by the other.

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