A divorce can be a grueling and emotional process to go through, where two parties have decided to go their different ways for whatever reason.  The divorce proceedings can be either opposed, unopposed or subject to mediation...


An important aspect of family law and relationship are the aspects of maintenance, whether this is spousal maintenance, maintenance for a child (minor or adult) for either unmarried parties, divorced parties or parties that are currently getting divorce...


Children are one of the most important aspects in Family Law, and law in general, as wherever there is a child involved, the court always takes the best interests of the child into consideration, whether this is in divorce proceedings or parenting plan (or parenthood agreements)...


Mediation is a voluntary process whereby two parties attempt to resolve their differences, whether the dispute can either be a divorce, maintenance or contact of a minor child.  Our internationally accredited mediators can assist to find...

Domestic Violence / Harassment

An important aspect of anyone's life is family, which inherently means that there can be extreme emotional friction which can lead to abuse, whether financial, emotional, verbal, physical or...

Domestic Partnerships

Often due to love, conformity and contentment we don’t think of a future apart from one another and rather embrace the present.  People move in with one another as a result and conclude their affairs in a manner akin to married parties. It is essential that agreements be entered into to ensure that both parties are ....

Ante-nuptial Contracts

Fully understanding and having a professionally drafted ante-nuptial agreement is the first step in ensuring that both parties are protected in the event of an unforeseeable future event.

Family Law Support

The unfortunate path that many family matters may take if mediation cannot be done, is that it may end up in court, where legal representatives square off in front of a Magistrate or Judge.  Our firm has extensive experience in court litigatio...

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